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Radish_legs 03-10-20 09:39 PM

Yes, solo rides are being allowed in the Italy quarantine
I know you were wanting to know if we could still ride our bikes in the apocalypse. Luckily the answer is yes. [I put a link to facebook Italy US military post, but apparently that is not allowed and it doesn't show]

bikemig 03-10-20 10:09 PM

That's the Italian apocalypse. Who knows what the American one will look like but no doubt it will be perfect.

Robert A 03-10-20 10:47 PM

Must be a nice time to ride there with such quiet streets and roads.

Amt0571 03-11-20 03:48 AM

Thanks for the info. I'm in Spain and I assume that in the Barcelona province we will be in a similar quarantine in a few weeks.

I almost always ride solo and was wondering whether I would be able to keep riding. Frankly, I'm more nervous about having to go to the office than riding the bike in the middle of nowhere without having contact with anyone.

In any case, I'm willing to stay home if needed, we should all be responsible about what's happening right now. Unfortunately it seems to me that the politicians only care to save the economy at all costs without considering people's life's (and they're going to lose big time).

MinnMan 03-12-20 05:42 PM

Are group rides specifically banned?

Rides4Beer 03-13-20 05:18 AM

Originally Posted by MinnMan (Post 21364346)
Are group rides specifically banned?

"Non-essential socializing" is prohibited, so I would think that includes group rides.

Radish_legs 03-13-20 11:08 AM

I think at this point you are not allowed to leave your home in Italy w/o a specific approved purpose. So I think solo riding outside for recreation/fitness would be banned.

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