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FaithTerry 06-26-20 03:01 PM

Originally Posted by TimothyH (Post 21120118)
My feeling is that this might resolve itself as more riding is done.

This is based on my own neck which got quite thick and muscular when I commuted 12,000 km/year on a road bike. In 2018 I rode nearly 8000 miles and much of that on rough gravel. Small gains in upper body mass and lots of definition, especially in the triceps, were noticeable in the mirror.

I'm not saying to ride through the pain or ignore your health care provider but only that it will might be temporary if you have not ridden a more aggressive drop bar bike and go away as your body strengthens.


sounds great
thanks for sharing this info

MAGAIVER 07-12-20 02:30 PM

I am 172cm tall and my 54cm Checkpoint ALR4 Fits me real nice, It seems like your frame may be too small for you as you are much taller then I am, try to test ride a bigger frame and see if it feels better. According to trek's own geometry chart you should be riding a size 56 or 58, they recommend the size 56 for people ranging from 174 to 180cm tall and the size 58 for people ranging from 180 to 185cm.

thehammerdog 07-12-20 04:33 PM

Originally Posted by trailangel (Post 21119018)
5'9" with long legs on a 54cm?
I think you are going in the wrong direction.
Put the saddle all the way back.

that bike dont fit u.
not sure why but it is not set up properly.
I'm 5'11 brother is aswell however I have short legs 30 in inseam his 34....longish arms on me.
so height alone ain't enough.

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