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Zukoda 09-24-16 09:31 PM

Only 11 miles around the lake trail - but did 11 yesterday and another 11 the day before. Will have more time to ride next week after I finally finish my last class.

canklecat 09-25-16 12:40 AM

Originally Posted by DrIsotope (Post 19078980)
65 fairly leisurely miles this morning, and a beautiful day for it indeed. Set out looking for a 100km (62.2 miles) @ 17mph, ended up with 65 @ 18.5mph. Nothing but 3.5 water bottles for the ride. Average ride speed got killed when I got stuck behind a big group finishing their route, and didn't want to look like "that a-hole" by blowing by them. So I just sat about two bike lengths back of their group and slugged along at their 15-16mph for about 8 miles. If not for the rolling blockade, I would have finished the day like 19.2-19.3mph I'm sure. It was sorta relaxing, though.

As we got further and further up the street, pairs kept peeling off of the group, until the final handful of them were down to just over 13mph. You'd think all those shaved legs would make for some serious speed, but looking at the Strava Fly-bys, the group speed dropped dramatically once they hit about the 50 mile mark and the group started to shrink. They really blast down the SART in a group of 10+ riders, though. :rolleyes:

I can't even remember the last time I could ride that fast. Okay, yes I can. It was 30 years ago. After a year back in the saddle I'm still a solid 12 mph loafer, no matter the bike or terrain. Occasionally I can cruise up to 15 mph for a few miles, before the asthma hits and I have to pull over for a minute. I can't even keep up with the 70+ y/o guys in my area for long.

On the plus side, the only looks you'll get from the casual loafcycling group I usually ride with is the "Wanna stop for beer?" look.

If you're ever in Texas feel free to blow by me. I might draft for awhile. A very short while before I get dropped like a rock.

saint mucus 09-25-16 06:07 AM

I think I'm done for the week (I think :) )

morfeeis 09-25-16 10:50 AM

Originally Posted by Rollfast (Post 19079190)
Find your remote?

Too much work, i used my phone...

FullGas 09-25-16 01:01 PM

after getting flattened by a hit/run driver 5 weeks ago, the orthopedist decided my shoulder didn't require surgery and cleared me to resume riding on monday...

rode 22 today and finished the week with 107 mi.

deex 09-25-16 02:03 PM

Rode 55 miles this morning. Did 20 of those miles with a group. The last 10 miles were painful. It has been a month since I've done the long ride. I enjoy it a lot.

shelbyfv 09-25-16 02:49 PM Posting link to existing thread again in case someone missed it the first time. Still first page in the Road section. One last week, should be another next week, all in the same place....

one4smoke 09-26-16 03:22 PM

Originally Posted by deex (Post 19080546)
Rode 55 miles this morning. Did 20 of those miles with a group. The last 10 miles were painful. It has been a month since I've done the long ride. I enjoy it a lot.

That's probably about my favorite distance. Any less, and I'm wanting to ride more. Any more, and the next day I'm usually sayin' "I should have stopped before 60." :p

Having said that, I have another century planned for the 15th of next month. :eek:

saint mucus 09-26-16 08:43 PM

only 17 miles this morning but it was a nice ride.

GeneO 09-26-16 08:51 PM

How fer today? 257 furlong commute

Pugs 09-26-16 08:53 PM

Like, 0.5 miles lol. I picked my bike up from the shop today and rode around the neighborhood just as a quick test drive, but didn't have time to actually take it for a good spin. Maybe tomorrow!

DrIsotope 09-26-16 09:27 PM

Originally Posted by GeneO (Post 19084118)
How fer today? 257 furlong commute

I see your commute, and raise you my morning loop: 23,298 horse lengths.

GeneO 09-26-16 09:36 PM

How many microfortnight? 6488 for me in the wind I had. Booya.

DrIsotope 09-26-16 09:45 PM

I was moving pretty briskly-- finished in 0.0015 dog years.

immortal216 09-26-16 10:26 PM

Not feeling very well today i believe i have a sinus infection. Managed to get in 8 miles though.

GeneO 09-26-16 11:07 PM

Originally Posted by drisotope (Post 19084205)
i was moving pretty briskly-- finished in 0.0015 dog years.

lol. You know there was a computer operating system that used microfortnight units.

one4smoke 09-27-16 09:48 PM

Originally Posted by immortal216 (Post 19084245)
Not feeling very well today i believe i have a sinus infection. Managed to get in 8 miles though.

Trump, is that you?!? :p

Nachoman 09-28-16 12:35 PM

about 15. Was doing some hill repeats.

saint mucus 09-28-16 02:52 PM

Just did 33 miles after working a 13 hr night shift, I'm done :twitchy:

mrodgers 09-28-16 04:54 PM

ine are in the Clyde forum in the monthly thread. 9.6 tonight if you must know. Rain is threatening.

ScootermanBob 09-28-16 05:37 PM

I'm just getting back into biking. I did 19 miles today with some hills- those wore me out. I've done 440 over the last 6 or 7 weeks. Can't remember the exact day I started up. I usually do a 15 mile loop everyday with a day off to recover after every 7-8th day.


immortal216 09-29-16 05:50 PM

Originally Posted by one4smoke (Post 19086692)
Trump, is that you?!? :p

Hahaha no, I wish only because he is rich and i am not......

beechnutC23 09-29-16 06:58 PM

Originally Posted by TimothyH (Post 19079070)
I don't understand why someone would not want to pass slower riders because they were afraid of the way they would look, and then disparage and look down their nose at the same group of riders on an internet message board.

I think the latter looks worse than the former.


I just try to ride at a pace that works for me at any given time, and if that means I pass someone or get passed, so be it. I did get a "no fair" today when I blew by a guy on a touring bike, going uphill (about 2 to 5% grade I think) in the Big Ring, at max heart rate. It was the final 5 km stretch of a 76 km ride with 750 m elevation so I was hammering home as I often do on that stretch. I managed, with this ride, to get my 9000 meter September climbing challenge on Strava, and got within 64 km of my 4000 km goal for the year, which started back on March 9th; I'm also now over 40,000 m elevation on the year. I should hit that on the next road ride (at this time of the year I often do mountain bike rides on the dirt roads to enjoy the fall colours). Anything after that is a bonus!

On Monday, I rode 82 km with 893 m elevation. I've been averaging about 200 km a week for the last 4 weeks. My season is likely to end in 3 weeks as I'll be traveling in Italy into mid-November. Some years we can ride right into December but that's iffy around here. A big problem by then is lack of daylight, in December sunset is at roughly 4 pm

one4smoke 09-30-16 03:09 PM

27 miles!

one4smoke 10-04-16 09:20 PM

50.5 miles today.

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