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Troul 12-06-21 01:29 PM

20 Miles I.D.

rsbob 12-06-21 09:58 PM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 22330818)
20 Miles I.D.

Ditto. 42* and misting all day.

Troul 12-06-21 10:05 PM

Originally Posted by rsbob (Post 22331458)
Ditto. 42* and misting all day.

the stationary head winds, mid Spring likes temps & ultra low humidity was the better choice compared to 22F, 27 MPH winds, & random flurries.

diphthong 12-06-21 11:42 PM

36-spot. mid-60's and breezy. miss my set it and forget it 70 degree days...

rsbob 12-08-21 11:25 PM

44* and raining so decided to do my first FTP test on ZWIFT. Will be 67 in 3 days - so early happy b-day to me. The result was a FTP of 226 and W/Kg of 3.06 (I weigh 165 lbs). Using an on line calculator, I had an age related adjustment of a 35 year old Category 2 at the lower end of Cat 2. A pretty good early birthday present since I have been recently doubting my ability.

The age adjustment calculator for those interested:


Troul 12-09-21 11:08 AM

73 Miles I.D.

Troul 12-10-21 04:07 PM

48 Miles O.D. Looking like a wind storm is headed in overnight.

ofajen 12-10-21 07:50 PM

17 miles. It was getting dark and I had the light on, then noticed these occasional flashes. Turns out a thunderstorm came up and I managed to get home a little while before things got wild and crazy. Actually I felt really strong on the MTB and those Black Chili tires really fly on the trail stones. So much smoother than getting beaten up on 700x32s. 👍


biker128pedal 12-10-21 09:09 PM

Coming back from Tennessee I intended to take a short 1 hour out and back on the New River Vally Trail from Pulaski Va. I kept going and turned into a 3 hour 31.5 mile ride. Rail trail so it is flat. Took the mountain bike but could have road the Domane with 32mm tires it was so smooth. It started out 37 F and warmed up to 45 F. Good ride than 5 hours home. Would like to bike pack it on and out and back this spring but need to figure out where to park the car for a few days. No overnight parking at the State Park lots.

burnthesheep 12-10-21 09:24 PM

27.5mi in an hour and ten. Warmup and cooldown with two hard 15min efforts. Beat the drizzle and 60 deg in December. A good time.

kahn 12-11-21 06:23 PM

An awful ride with more than half of the 14 miles in driving 44F degree rain. Finally, we decided to turn around and dealt with the ferocious headwind and driving rain. Gear is spread about drying off. Wonderful pacific northWET day! Yech.

Troul 12-12-21 01:41 PM

33 Miles O.D.

kahn 12-12-21 03:05 PM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 22337693)
33 Miles O.D.

Outside? OUTside? :p

Troul 12-12-21 06:37 PM

Originally Posted by kahn (Post 22337774)
Outside? OUTside? :p

Not opening that door for conversation. :p

rsbob 12-12-21 07:54 PM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 22337975)
Not opening that door for conversation. :p

I believe he rode 33 miles and then Over Dosed. RIP Dear Mr Troul

ofajen 12-12-21 09:32 PM

Yesterday 23 miles. Hills on the way out, and 20-25 mph headwind on the way back. 45F. Very tiring.

Today I went the other way, mostly gentle slopes and headwind on the way out with tailwind on the way home. Maybe 52F and sunny. I was going to take it easy but the wind had other ideas.


rsbob 12-12-21 10:02 PM

Eggzactly 30 miles with a wind chill of 37* and to make it more special, rain. How I love riding in winter - or very late fall.

Troul 12-14-21 06:26 AM

52 Miles O.D.

Troul 12-16-21 08:53 AM

another 52 Miles O.D.

rsbob 12-16-21 10:26 PM

26 ID. Tried riding with a bot, but was too slow (and the next level up was too fast - sounds like the Three Bears) but saw a guy breaking off the front and joined him. We ended up riding 20 miles cheek by jowl. It was great to have someone with similar power, who attacked the hills and did the sprints just for fun. It is so rare to find someone on the same level it was a joy.

Troul 12-17-21 06:24 AM

29 Miles O.D. Way colder today. 24F

OldTryGuy 12-17-21 10:58 AM

22.22 on Tuesday
33.33 on Wednesday
44.44 on Thursday

Yes today was 55.55 miles. Titled my STRAVA as "I can't ride 55"

kahn 12-18-21 11:37 AM

15.48/660 gain on Thurs. It was spitting a bit (Doppler misled me) and raw.

19.9 (yes, that's what it read as I carried it inside) and 1,025 gain on Friday. Weak sun for the first five minutes of the ride and then raw for the rest. A pedestrian/bike bridge eastbound across I-5 at 195th and then an awful construction zone westbound across I-5 at 185th.

Oh, and if Greenlake is a reservoir, it is a reservoir for swimmer's itch! Never-mind dog, goose and duck droppings!

ofajen 12-18-21 02:07 PM

23 miles today. Sunny, upper 30s and the usual 10-15 mph winter wind. My hands were a bit cold, so tomorrow Iíll try out my new mittens.


jaxgtr 12-18-21 02:59 PM

took a couple of weeks off, still having knee issues, but went out today for 30. Knee felt good.

biker128pedal 12-18-21 06:00 PM

Road 25 miles today. Dropped of some cards at the post office and took a couple of pictures in front of the TC Walker mural. The got caught in the rain and cooled off. Found out if I take my glasses of in the rain the sweat does not sting my eyes. Still enjoyed the wet ride. The fenders sure do help.

kahn 12-19-21 09:03 AM

Originally Posted by biker128pedal (Post 22344466)
Road 25 miles today. Dropped of some cards at the post office and took a couple of pictures in front of the TC Walker mural. The got caught in the rain and cooled off. Found out if I take my glasses of in the rain the sweat does not sting my eyes. Still enjoyed the wet ride. The fenders sure do help.

That is quite the mural. Thanks for sharing.

ofajen 12-20-21 09:07 AM

Only had time for 15 miles yesterday. Windy and 34 F but my fingers were actually a bit hot in the mittens I got earlier this year. Thatís a good sign for even colder temps, as long as I can keep my toes warm too.


Troul 12-20-21 11:42 AM

70 LONG miles I.D.

ofajen 12-20-21 12:08 PM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 22346220)
70 LONG miles I.D.

Aren't they all? They would be for me. 😊


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