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Millstone 11-13-19 03:51 AM

Adieu Poupou..! :(

USAZorro 11-13-19 07:00 AM

We know that each, in their time shall pass. Sorrow visits when they do. Peace to his family and loved ones. Let us remember him for his many great achievements.

rustystrings61 11-13-19 07:15 AM

I always loved how he managed to create victory outside of first place. He was a most admirable guy, and I like to think he and Eugene Christophe are having a lively conversation somewhere.

repechage 11-13-19 07:47 AM

In the race video of the period, he always seemed so animated and expressive.

2cam16 11-13-19 08:21 AM

RIP Raymond. :(
IMG_9585 by 2cam16, on Flickr

ryansu 11-13-19 09:27 AM

RIP PouPou Podium 3 times in TdF and the last coming at age 40!!! a Hard man of the peloton indeed. I am sure he is racing Jacques in cycle heaven

SpinClassSara 11-13-19 02:15 PM

He and Jacques took Le Tour the year I was born. Fond memories ....

non-fixie 11-13-19 02:25 PM

One of my all-time heroes. I'll never forget him. Allez Popou!

CV-6 11-13-19 03:34 PM

The TriColore is a little less bright today.

qcpmsame 11-13-19 09:18 PM

Another good man done gone a full go-round.

RIP PouPou.


Cibi42 11-13-19 10:08 PM

I remember 30 years ago riding the country roads as a kid and the old folks on the side shouting “Allez poupou!”. Anquetil was the winner but Poulidor was the hero. A legend of his time.

verktyg 11-13-19 11:34 PM

The Immortals
One of my favorite cycling photos - The Immortals from the 1976 TdF. (Gimondi is the only one with a smile on his face)

Anquetil and Poulidor, neck and neck

The old man PouPou holding his own with a young Eddy.

verktyg :50:

Cyclist753 11-14-19 07:10 AM

Legends live forever!

sykerocker 11-14-19 08:52 AM

I did a post regarding this on my Facebook page today, along with the Wall Street Journal article, and the comment, "Raymond Poulidor died yesterday. The meaning that this statement has for you is a good indication of how deeply you are into cycling."

sykerocker 11-14-19 08:54 AM

Originally Posted by USAZorro (Post 21206709)
We know that each, in their time shall pass. Sorrow visits when they do. Peace to his family and loved ones. Let us remember him for his many great achievements.

Which, happily, will be a very easy thing to do.

nomadmax 11-14-19 08:56 AM

RIP to great racer and man.

Feldman 11-14-19 05:03 PM

Funny how he was more famous for what he didn't win than what he did--a Grand Tour ('64 Vuelta,) a Monument (Milan-San Remo @'61?) a whole slew of stages, semi-classics, and Tour stages; many riders wish they had a record like his. Could give both Merckx and Anquetil bad days at the office from time to time, too!

T-Mar 11-15-19 11:12 AM

For me, the iconic Poulidor photo is that that from the Puy de Dome stage of the 1964 Tour de France. He and Anquetil are leaning on each other, neither willing to give an inch. Their duel that year was a TdF classic. Anquetils' winning margin was a mere 55 seconds, which I believe was the smallest until the 1989 Lemond victory over Fignon.

I was present to see Poulidor finish 2nd yet again, when Merckx outsprinted him at the 1974 World Championships in Montreal. Then, when he retired at the end of 1977, I bought the special issue of Cyclisme, even though my French was rudimentary.

He was definitely one of the great cyclists, who was overshadowed, first by Anquetil and then by Merckx.

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