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milesf 02-21-21 03:00 AM

Cornering tips in clips
Hey, I have started using clips since I joined a team and I am still not super confident cornering. I have found that I need to slow down a lot more than other people and dont trust myself to lean into the corners as much as other people. I think this is mostly because I'm worried about slipping out since I have clips and might not be able to get my foot out in time (where I have seen a lot of people who use flats, just leaving their foot out on corners). Any advice for overcoming this fear? Is it rational? Drills? P.S. I am using WTB Ranger tires and I'm not sure if they are grippy enough (even though I think they are and this is just me making excuses).

shelbyfv 02-21-21 06:33 PM

A mountain bike racing team? Cool! Your team mates should be able to give you better advice and in person as well.:thumb:

ropetwitch 03-22-21 10:06 AM

Let me say, you are actually doing great! Psychologically, facing your fears is the very best way to develop your biking skills while Physically, you need to strengthen your knees and arms to remain in balance. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle would help a lot!

k2blt 07-19-21 08:42 PM

My advice would be to set up some cones on a grass surface. Practice leaning the bike into the turn, use your hips to help steer (think skiing), and keep your eyes up (always looking at the next turn/feature.) As you get more comfortable, increase speed and decrease distance before taking it to dirt and the trails.

Rebecca01 11-11-21 04:43 AM

You are doing gr8! trust yourself.

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