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Doge 05-17-20 08:23 PM

This is the fastest group in the USA
Since I was the last post about 2 years ago, I re-read the description about how this group can watch and learn. What? USA pros road won by U23, USA pro ITT won by U23.
Entry level and U23 are different.

For U23 - what is there to learn? And they don't do forums.
Maybe the level should be U14? Then some U14s can out power USA pros.

I think this sub forum needs to go. Nobody comments on it and the whole idea is wrong.

Doge 07-10-20 05:58 PM

Originally Posted by OwenMackay (Post 21564834)
Where can I find some more info?

What do you want to know.
The fastest kids are here, but Hot Tubes has also got some.
LUX Cycling | U19 Development Team

Doge 09-03-20 11:04 PM

Originally Posted by Athey (Post 21669831)
Nobody comments on it

True. It may be me, or it may be obvious, but this forum is mostly about old guys. The idea that kids are faster is quite offensive to some. That does not change anyone's speed. I first noticed this in my kid turning out better than pro power and since seen that from many other kids.
This is not a claim on what riders are capable of, but what they actually do. Strava will validate that. Kids race fast. Very fast.

What they CAN do? I'd give it to the pros 90% of the time, but 17 year olds have won worlds in track speed in the last 5 or so years. So for speed and what can be done, they may win that too.

But had we not shut down racing I think the LUX juniors were better bets than many USA pro teams for USA races this year. Remove the gear handicap and we would see.

Doge 09-11-20 11:15 PM

I guess you can also look at the TdF and see how the U23s are doing.

Doge 11-20-20 08:26 PM

Might see this

Katrin955 12-24-20 06:53 AM

i love it

Stempniak 01-18-21 01:38 PM

I love it too, amazing!

Doge 06-19-21 06:35 PM

Also see how Luke won the USA PRO crit this week - had he been born one day later, he would have been a junior.

tharlandth 07-21-21 09:47 AM

My love!

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