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hocker 08-11-10 01:05 PM

CX workouts
I thought I would share some workouts that have been working for me lately. Please share yours as we could all benefit from mixing things up a bit and learning a bit more about CX specific training.

These are my hard workouts, most days are far easier. Don't hurt yourself.

"Surge" - 4 x (30s sitting almost full gas, 15s standing full gas, 60s rest) Not sure where I got this one, maybe Cycle Smart Website.

"Over Under" - 3 x (1m (zone 4) 1m (zone 5) 1m (zone 4) 1m (zone 5), 5m rest). I based this off a workout designed by Alison Dunlap.

"Old painful" - 2 x (20m all-out time trial to exhaustion). 15m rest in between sets. Do this workout on a hill or where you won't be disturbed by traffic lights, etc. This is my standard, go to workout as its short and hurts like a CX race, well almost.


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