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Andycapp 11-24-12 06:20 PM

What is it? (Campagnolo widget content)
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Went out to the co-op today to get the cable guide for "Veloh" out of their "small Italian bits" drawer. I've seen this a few times in there and I've always wondered what this is. Packaging material? Actually I'm not even sure the blue Campy "button" and the black rubber triangle thing even go together. Now that I'm thinking about it, the black piece might be a stem clamp filler thingy? The "button" has a small boss on the back side...


whatwolf 11-24-12 06:24 PM

toe strap end button mated to a stem wedge?

Bianchigirll 11-24-12 07:12 PM

Isn't that blue disc the thing that come on new C-Rec era shifters to keep everything together? howabout a pic of the other side?

Drillium Dude 11-24-12 07:55 PM

The black piece is definitely a stem-slot filler for a Cinelli XA or equivalent. I think BG may be right about the Campy bit, but we do need to see the other side to be sure :)


IthaDan 11-24-12 08:37 PM

Yeah, it's a syncro shipping... thing. And a slot filler for an XA or the like.

Andycapp 11-24-12 08:40 PM

Originally Posted by IthaDan (Post 14980894)

I knew you guys would figure it out! And even better, I've got an extra pair of Syncros floating around in a baggy. I could even put it to use if I were to grab it next time I'm out there :)

rootboy 11-24-12 09:25 PM

Nah. It's a limited edition Campy guitar pick.

Captain Blight 11-25-12 12:44 AM

Huh. I got one a them knurled bolt thingies, I always wondered what it was for.

Just looked on eBay, these are going for very reasonable prices for Campy reach-down switchers.

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