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fietsbob 10-16-15 12:20 PM

I guess it wasn't a RH Drive Car..

trsidn 10-16-15 02:48 PM

chewybrian 10-17-15 03:56 AM

ahsposo 10-17-15 04:20 AM

Originally Posted by trsidn (Post 18247455)

See, it's not so scary when you put a rubber nose on it...

chewybrian 10-17-15 02:33 PM

c0urt 10-18-15 12:34 AM

chewybrian 10-18-15 01:36 AM

okane 10-18-15 07:05 AM

That kid can take a punch!

Originally Posted by chewybrian (Post 18250551)

Future Olympian perhaps!

chewybrian 10-18-15 09:41 AM

chewybrian 10-19-15 01:54 AM

Actual brain surgery:
Man plays Beatles song on his guitar during brain surgery

chewybrian 10-19-15 11:16 AM

Jeff Wills 10-19-15 08:46 PM

Originally Posted by chewybrian (Post 18253534)

I'm 6-foot-4. I have to say this is close to reality.

chewybrian 10-20-15 04:48 AM

Originally Posted by Jeff Wills (Post 18255216)
I'm 6-foot-4. I have to say this is close to reality.

Same here; I can relate. Not many bike frames fit unless you get a custom steel (which I am about to do).

^I want this Hetchins-y Bob Jackson, but I can't decide between full chrome with red lining or gold with red and chrome accents (opinions welcome).

chewybrian 10-20-15 10:57 AM

chewybrian 10-21-15 05:52 AM

Altair 4 10-21-15 08:40 AM

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Originally Posted by chewybrian (Post 18255612)

He looks a little like Tom Beringer in "Major League."

no motor? 10-21-15 03:28 PM

That was awesome!

chewybrian 10-21-15 03:36 PM

Originally Posted by no motor? (Post 18260027)
That was awesome!


Jeff Wills 10-21-15 11:05 PM

Originally Posted by chewybrian (Post 18258193)

Hero Motorcyclist Stops Traffic To Rescue A Kitten

chewybrian 10-22-15 04:42 AM

The biker adopted the kitten and named him "Skidmark". They think he might have taken shelter under a parked car, as he fell out from under the moving car into the intersection where, thankfully, the car was not moving too fast.

fietsbob 10-22-15 10:33 AM

A friend heard a squeaking under the hood of her car , It was a Kitten ,
probably escaped from the parking lot box where someone was trying distribute the batch.

and crawled up to where it was warm, in her parked car.

chewybrian 10-22-15 01:19 PM

trsidn 10-22-15 01:46 PM

Originally Posted by chewybrian (Post 18262431)

What the hell did he think was going to happen?

McBTC 10-22-15 02:59 PM

Originally Posted by chewybrian (Post 17912256)

Do we need more proof that global warming really, really exists...?

c0urt 10-22-15 04:42 PM

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