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Kragg 07-20-09 08:09 AM

36 beautiful miles Sunday morning.

kenkayak 07-20-09 12:30 PM

Good things to you Nanigoat/glad your back to a single track mind./Kenneth

Red Rider 07-20-09 01:42 PM

34 mile training ride, intervals out in the orchards east of here. There has been much road paving since the last time I was there; that was a pleasant surprise. I had to dodge tomato trucks :eek: but speed kept me out of harm's way.

It was in the high 70's-low 80's and very pleasant.

kenkayak 07-21-09 11:41 AM

Hello Red Rider////I did a Mountain bike loop Terribe climb Ledge and loose gravel but I was off the bike more comming down this terrible place than I was going up I would have injoyed the ride if it wasnt for the horse flies. Im glad there season is short./Kenneth

wrafl 07-21-09 11:50 AM

45 miles and finally broke the 1K miles for the cycling season. The weather was just right with temps in the 60's and mostly sunny.

kr32 07-21-09 05:38 PM

Yes I did! I went out today after taking yesterday off, light rain and I think I needed some rest, and things started out great. I really wanted to ride after a stressful day at work and I thought I needed to be on my bike where I was in control and not everyone pulling at me from every direction.
I knew I was riding faster than normal and at the 20 mile mark I was averaging 19.3. Well I said why not see if I can do the whole ride at 19 or above so I started to keep it going. About two miles from home I was right at 19 after dipping to 18.9. Well I ended up with 31.46 miles at 18.9.....bummer. I really wanted that 19mph avg. It was my second highest average ever so I really am happy. I do believe I was riding with the wind alot so that helped but I also think the day off helped as well.
So the ride is over and the stress from work is gone I love riding bikes!!!!

ModeratedUser150120149 07-21-09 06:06 PM

Back home after a wonderful week on the Front Range of CO where I met new friends and had good daily rides. To clean off the travel grime went for a short 7 1/2 mile ride (Av 17 mph with max 19.1 mph) over some relatively flat terrain. Today had a Spin Class that is Tough. The instructor and I feed off each other which makes it a great workout for both of us.

No rides for the next 3 days as I'll be on the road.

BikeWNC 07-21-09 06:11 PM

I went out at 2pm for a short tempo ride to open up my legs after this weekend's climbing rides. It was 65 up on the hill and a beautiful day for a ride.

stringbreaker 07-21-09 06:52 PM

Just my regular commute. Very uneventful finally, nobody giving me the finger or calling me unspeakable names with the aformentioned on finger salute.

cyclinfool 07-21-09 07:55 PM

The 18 mile 6AM morning exercise ride before work - did not bike commute today as rain was in the forcast for this afternoon - weatherman was right. Tomorrow I'll commute and then after work I have a torturous route picked in the hills west of my house. I have mapped it out - here is the link

Although the ride is 28 miles long there is 2400ft of climbing in 5.5 miles of distance. If this ride works out it will be my regular Wed evening ride.

Cornflakes 07-21-09 10:32 PM

Cleaned and lubed the bike day before yesterday and got a chance to get out this afternoon after work. 36 miles in a little over 2 hours. The bike rode great and I felt better after blowing off some steam.

kr32 07-22-09 03:08 AM

Originally Posted by Cornflakes (Post 9327318)
The bike rode great and I felt better after blowing off some steam.

+1 Funny how that works, I felt the same yesterday .

Barrettscv 07-22-09 03:13 AM

65 miles from Long Lake, IL to Chicago. Took the Metra train service to Long Lake and rode through Volo, Round Lake, Mundelein, Libertyville, Lake Forest, Highland Park, Glencoe, Northfield and Niles. Good weather & company.


jppe 07-22-09 10:21 AM

I'm at the beach. Yesterday I rode the mountain bike on the beach for 15 miles. Also did 30 miles on the TT bike and played 18 holes of golf.

Did 20 more miles on the TT bike this morning and will play 18 holes this pm.

I'm not making much progress on a book I brought!

Red Rider 07-22-09 10:47 AM

Last night club ride; 31 mi. in 1:49. The wind was awful, our paceline/echelon was literally blown apart several times. My legs were tired from Monday's intervals. Debating TT practice vs. laying about this evening.

jppe, your vacation sounds just about right. :thumb: The book can wait; riding and golfing are always priorities.

kenkayak 07-22-09 12:06 PM

Thats working hard at it KR32 IM not sure about starting something like that without planing If your a good loser [im not]maybe Its O/K I hope you get some more imput into spur of the moment goal makeing.Kenneth

kenkayak 07-22-09 12:19 PM

I rode today/why I didnt get wet ///?I think the rain power guy was just enjoying me working so hard to get that 25 miles finnished.Im actually rattleing I worked so hard.; nap time after two crabmeat sandwiches and a great huge rasberry square so much for weight loss today

BikeWNC 07-22-09 12:35 PM

I joined the Wed. morning group ride for 30 of the 40 miles today. I rode back into town with a woman friend that had to limit her ride, so I kept her company. I got in a few good efforts on the hills today but I'm still lacking the high end stuff. Nice morning for a ride in the upper 60s.

cyclinfool 07-22-09 07:24 PM

Hill training tonight - the new route had two hills I had not tackled before and one that I considered extremely difficult - thought it was the most difficult in the area. These two new hills were the steepest hills I have ever climbed. At times I found myself cruising up them at a blazing 3.5mph. I usually don't climb in the drops but there were parts where I needed to so I could use my glutes and not pull the front wheel off the ground. When I was done my legs were jello although I was not physically exhausted, my legs were totally worked out.

This will be my Wed workout when I can get out to the location.
I posted the link to the route on mapmyride yesterday.

dynodonn 07-22-09 07:55 PM

After reading the mileage numbers in a few of these posts, I'm ready for a nap. Sprinting 350 to 400 miles a month in urban traffic on a near daily basis is enough for me.

kr32 07-23-09 03:40 AM

Yep sure did, went out for a little cruise and did 27 miles. Most of it was on a new rail trail we have and I use as part of most all my rides, it is only about 8 miles now and will be 13 one way when finished. I think I will use it for a easy 26+ miler after work when done.
I did it in almost the same time as yesterdays 31 miler so avg was down but I was just goofing around on this ride.
At the end of the trail before the next section will be, I turned onto the road and went up about a 200 foot hill and got to the top and turned right around just so I could cruise down . I got to 39 mph and went by the trail a ways and turned around and got back on it and started home.
I had passed this family on the trail before I went up the hill and when I was cruising down the hill they were at the end resting? They saw me coming down the hill and go by and then turn around and get back on the trail, I told them I was just goofing around and they laughed.
It was a fun ride, had a good time.

kenkayak 07-23-09 11:02 AM

I rode today ; about the same deal as yesterday //rain threatening I never left the seat and 25 miles went fast Ill be gone for a bit //Keep a single track mind while im gone /Kenneth

wrafl 07-23-09 01:47 PM

Yes did 15 miles this morning. Cut short by chest discomfort but nothing serious and I better take caution or else. There will be other days to ride again. Trying very hard here to accomplish 150 miles per week and I'm still 50 miles short which I can probably achieved tomorrow or Saturday.

Timtruro 07-23-09 02:17 PM

Did 26 miles this morning. Extended what is normally a 19 mile route by taking a slight detour. Disappointed that this is only my 8th day riding this month. Only 880 miles for the season, had planned on doing much more, too many days between rides and no real good reason why. It has been rainy but there have been many more riding days than I have taken advantage of.......don't know what's wrong I enjoy the rides I have done but I know I should be doing more. I thought this first year of retirement would brin many more miles.

Any suggestions??

cyclinfool 07-23-09 05:13 PM

Normal Thur 6AM 18 mile ride, then the commute ride to work and back.

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