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GlennR 09-22-13 06:51 PM

Originally Posted by Stopalot (Post 16090441)
Congrats oldnslow. You were in the zone!

My body punished me the next day, but i'll be back on the bike tomorrow.

Gravity Aided 09-22-13 07:04 PM

6 inside, 10 outside, 16 for today.
Winds NE6
34% Rel Hum.
30.00 bar

jimmuller 09-22-13 09:10 PM

Originally Posted by gevad (Post 16093264)
Yes, I did ride (Back Roads Century). But I will not ride my commute tomorrow (because I'm retired). :)

Lucky you! Or maybe it's just because you've paid your dues.

JimF22003 09-23-13 05:00 AM

I did the Back Roads Century also, gevad. Hey we gotta stop not meeting like this :)

Got a decent-ish time, for me. Just about 6:05 for the century, with about 5.5k of climbing.

az_cyclist 09-23-13 08:20 AM

catching up with the weekend rides. 70.4 @ 15.7 on the club ride Saturday, and 44.0 @ 16.6 ave yesterday

Sandy Barringer 09-23-13 08:22 AM

I'm glad you could do that. I'm a d-class rider and I'm content with that.

Bikey Mikey 09-23-13 11:59 AM

26 miles, 26 windy miles. I swear this year and summer has been windier than usual. I'm tired of fighting the wind.

JanMM 09-23-13 07:15 PM

22 miles on the Screamer with my favorite stoker this afternoon. Perfect weather.

mht7159 09-23-13 08:56 PM

Clear but windy ride this morning 14 miles at 14.4 avg.

John_V 09-24-13 07:00 AM

Made yesterday my no ride day for the week, and today I'm getting rained out. Doesn't look that good for tomorrow, either. :cry:

az_cyclist 09-24-13 12:31 PM

12.2 @ 18.9 ave this morning before work. almost a chilly ride... was 69 at 5 am when I rode

JanMM 09-24-13 06:17 PM

Chilly enough here this AM to wear a windbreaker on the way to work.
Almost too warm in the PM for tights.
22 miles total commuting.

jimmuller 09-24-13 06:38 PM

Had a great commute today. Wore a balaclava this morning 'cuz it was chilly. Autumn is here!

look566 rider 09-24-13 07:39 PM

29 this past Saturday.

22 sunny but cool to chilly miles tonight.

vschippy 09-24-13 08:00 PM

40 miles today
Spring down here in OZ which means Magpie season
Got swooped by one so hard today tore my sunglasses off.

Gravity Aided 09-25-13 01:17 PM

17 miles today, 7 inside, 10 outside. Great weather.
63%rel hum
Winds NE 8
29.94 bar

mht7159 09-25-13 04:09 PM

Got in a early 25 mile ride this morning at 13.6 avg, lots of climbing today brought the avg down.

Barrettscv 09-25-13 04:48 PM

75 miles on a perfect September day. I'm at 140 miles so far this week, and I'm feeling it :-P

John_V 09-25-13 05:10 PM

Another rained out day. Weather forecast for tomorrow is clear in the morning. I hope they are right.

jimmuller 09-25-13 06:33 PM

Normally I get to work from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but this week I had to go into the office on Tuesday. So I've ridden my commute, a 27 mile round trip (plus two train rides and driving to/from the train station), every day this week. It's been cool and lovely.

I got to thinking on the bike yesterday about what one smells during the course of a ride. I can tell which cars are tuned and which are not, whose brakes are overheating, which vehicles are diesels, which lawns were recently mowed, which drivers are smoking cigars, and sometimes how long ago that poor chipmunk was turned into a flatmunk by a vehicle tire. It's a whole world of experience one never sees, or rather smells, when covering the same roads in a car.

John_V 09-26-13 01:16 PM

Thought it was going to be a sunny day today, according to the weatherman. No such luck! Rained out at 26 miles. :mad:

az_cyclist 09-26-13 02:02 PM

10.2 @ 18.9 ave this morning before work

jppe 09-26-13 07:29 PM

25 miles after work and averaged almost 22 mph. Beautiful, beautiful evening to ride.

John_V 09-27-13 03:30 PM

Wife and I went to the MUP this morning for a ride in cool, overcast, low 70's temp. Got in 36 miles and the wife got in 20. A very productive ride for the missus.

jimmuller 09-27-13 05:30 PM

Did my commute again today. That makes about 110 miles commuting this week. All on the '87 Bianchi Brava.

This time of year parts of Rhode Island are bucolic and absolutely beautiful.

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