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Troul 09-09-22 06:32 AM

30 Miles. Really want to accept the change in season, but the "cool" weather just isn't *cool* with me.

diphthong 09-09-22 07:57 PM

very wet but warm 30-spot in the hurricane/tropical storm kay remnants. wind surprisingly docile.

Troul 09-10-22 10:29 AM

105 miles. Very humid ending.

The Chemist 09-10-22 05:40 PM

shapiroeric 09-10-22 06:13 PM

50 miles. 3700 ftÖ.

diphthong 09-10-22 08:32 PM


Troul 09-11-22 06:04 AM

83 Miles. Didn't beat the clouds entirely before the moiiistness came. Time to get the coals going to refuel the gut.

mschwett 09-11-22 05:59 PM

93.6 miles, 4,800 feet. longest ride in a long time - not my strongest effort but pretty steady.

A350driver 09-11-22 06:08 PM

63 hot humid miles around Lake Istapoga, FL.
73 at the 7:30am start, 93 degrees at the 11am finish, oh, but it’s a wet heat! 70% humidity.

bampilot06 09-11-22 06:17 PM

Got pulled for a grand total of 3.6 miles.

Avg speed, 3.4 mph. Setting records.

diphthong 09-12-22 12:28 AM


venturi95 09-12-22 01:43 PM

I rode to Fir Road.

biker128pedal 09-13-22 06:55 PM

Rode 24 miles today on the Domane with GR1 35mm tires setup tubeless on the Paradigm 25s. Wanted to compare them to my Aeolus Pro 51s with GP5000 tires. The GR1s are slower. But smooth. Canít compare the entire route. Broke a rear drive side spoke with 8 miles left. The 35 mm tires measure 37mm wide. Just enough room for the wobble. Good thing is I had no spoke wrench. That and a chain tool are lacking on the slick Bontrager tool that fits in the on board storage. Iíll have to fix that.

And replace the rest of the drive side spokes on the Paradigm wheel. This is spoke number 5 Iíve broken. First since switching to the Aeolus wheels for the road.

Troul 09-14-22 06:22 AM

33 Miles. The road construction is getting really annoying. Detour after detour & poorly directed signs. Even the sidewalks are closed off...

Troul 09-16-22 01:18 PM

54 sketchy miles. Had a handful of patrol cars pass by slowly.

Troul 09-17-22 06:22 AM

82 foggy miles.

delbiker1 09-17-22 01:42 PM

I sort of rediscovered how much I like riding my Lemond Tourmalet. I had not been riding it due to making changes on a couple of other bikes, ergo, mostly riding them. I switched the Tourmalet to a Ritchey Beacon Bar, wider rimmed wheels with same 25mm Pasela PT tires, flipped the stem for a 8 deg. rise and moved a 10mm spacer from above to below the stem. I needed to make the geometry a bit more lax.
This morning was my second ride with the Beacon bar, and my first with the other changes. I got in 30 miles with a stop about halfway to fine tune the bar angle and the placement of the brifters. I am a bit surprised by how much I like the Beacon bar and the set up of the brifters. Definitely going to ride the Tourmalet again tomorrow. 775 miles to 5000 for '22.

SpeedyBlueBiker 09-17-22 09:06 PM

33 miles on a cooler day than usual.

Troul 09-18-22 06:48 PM

90 Miles.

The Chemist 09-18-22 07:58 PM

diphthong 09-18-22 08:31 PM

57-spot. nice day in orange county, ca.

Zombldy 09-19-22 02:13 AM

5 miles of hilly southern Missouri roads after not riding for 9 years. Soon, more!

rsbob 09-19-22 09:52 PM

Troul 09-20-22 04:10 AM

37 miles.

Troul 09-23-22 05:39 PM

20 Miles.

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