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I had the Edge 130 and radar, then upgraded to the Edge 830.

The 130 worked fine for me. Worked fine with the radar, and fine with the routes I created on Garmin connect.

But, the 830 is just in another league. Over the 130 it has: touchscreen, color screen, larger screen, real GPS maps etc. I just had the “Climb Pro” feature pop up on my last ride, that’s very cool. Strava live segments, and the ist goes on. It is simply a much nicer computer. And the price shows it.

I really appreciate the reminder to drink. Helps me to keep up with drinking.

Does the 130 work fine, absolutely. But the 830 is just much nicer. It’s like the difference between a Chevy and a Cadillac. They both get you where you want to go, one is much nicer though.

it just comes down to if the extra features are worth the money to you. Only you can decide. I’m happy with the upgrade. If I had to make the decision again, iI’d get the 830 in an instant.
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