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Originally Posted by DeadGrandpa View Post
Please note, for future reference, that "Y'all" in the thread title should be spelled with an apostrophe, i.e. "Y'all". It is not to be confused with the plural, "All Y'all". Grammar and spelling are very important on this forum, so beware the grammar police.
I disagree on the distinction between y'all and all y'all. It's not singularity vs plurality.

Y'all refers to two or more people, but not necessarily everyone. You can be facing a crowd of twenty, be talking to just two of the twenty, and use y'all. As in, "y'all need to go home." In that scenario, the twenty people can look at you, and each one of them can think to themselves, "he didn't mean me."

But if you say "all y'all need to go home", there is no doubt: every stinking one of them needs to go home, and right now.

Oh, welcome to bf, op
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