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If you're worried about her ability to get the tire off and on (I would be concerned for my 10 year-old son, but so far he only rides with me), make sure she has a phone of some sort to call for a ride home if needed. And definitely agree on having her learn to do it in the comfort of home so she's not stressed about it when she's out on the road.

As for what to carry, that depends on how much she wants to avoid calling for a ride. I carry 2 tubes, 2 tire levers, a patch kit, a CO2 inflator with 2 cartridges, and a mini pump. The tubes and inflator are used on group rides to keep from making people wait too long. The patch kit and pump are just in case I get more than 2 flats on the same ride (it's rare, but can happen).

Edit: This does remind me of a story back when I was a junior. On a big group training ride, a fellow young rider... Junior National Champion for girls 10-12 to be exact, got a flat. She knew how to change it, but when a guy stopped and asked if she needed help, she asked if she was doing it right and stuck the tire lever in backwards... just to get the guy to quickly do it for her while she watched. So, your daughter could definitely use her "vulnerable girl" status to her advantage should she ever want to.
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