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Totally would NOT suggest buying the "newest" model of prebuilt for what you are wanting. I would not suggest going with anything using integrated graphics either.

For your needs, an "FX" model of AMD with a decent mid range card should work fine. Even better, go with a 4/5/6th gen Core i5/7 setup with a mid range video card. Make sure to do some research on the pre built machines you are looking at for specifics like particular models of video cards the mobo is locked to (looking at you Dell), or strange form factor power supply, etc. It can be a PITA to replace parts on items that are off standard.
If you are at all computer savvy, mechanically inclined, or can read instructions, putting together your own box can save you a butt load of money. Even if you aren't....buying up front with an "platter" HD instead of SSD, and less RAM than you want and adding can save a good deal of money. Also, putting the video card in yourself is a good way to select a good card for the money and save up front.

Edit- I have a computer in house with an a8 7600 like the one you posted. It currently has a GTX 750ti in it. It works SUPER well for being an HTPC, and works ok on medium settings with older titles. I am not able to play newer games without turning the settings WAY down when using resolutions over 720. I start getting CPU use warnings.
I would also point out that the Ebay seller there is using a grouping of parts that likely cost him sub $250 and does NOT include the OS.

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