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Originally Posted by NeilGunton View Post
Ok, so then by your logic it would be fine for people to discuss motorhomes, kayaking, hiking, big game hunting, deep sea fishing, knitting, or any other activity that people might choose to do on their vacation. Because it doesn't affect you if I want to talk on this forum about bungee jumping, does it? Just ignore it.

See where that line of reasoning gets you?

Topics are important, as are definitions of topics. Should the topic of "bicycle touring" include bikes with motors? I think not, and moreover I think it matters.

ebikes are most definitely allowed to be discussed on these forums, unlike those other things, and people on ebikes do go on tours, therefore there really shouldn't be any problem.

But, if we want to say motorhomes aren't allowed, why do we allow discussions on tents and sleeping bags? That seems counterproductive to keeping the noise down, you should just go to a camping forum. After all, one can tour without a tent and cookware, they are not integral to the activity. Get them over to camping forums where those questions belong.
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