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Originally Posted by saddlesores View Post
some riders will use buses/trains to skip boring sections. ... point is they
are riding 100% under their own power during the tour.
How, exactly, is using a bus/train to skip a boring section riding 100% under their own power? It is skipping parts of the tour they don't want to do under their own power.

would you say taking a ferry across a river counts as "assistance" so it's no longer
a bicycle tour? that it's the equivalent of adding an assist motor?
I really don't care how one does their tour, or what aids they use. I'll sit down and enjoy their stories all the same. It is THEIR tour. I had no problem personally using some trains and ferries and not caring. I just find it hypocritical that people bash on others for the aids they choose to use, while using their own aids and coming up with any number of justifications as to why their choices are OK but others should be condemned.

this here site is for discussing cycle touring. ebike touring is close
enough, there's enough overlap where the two can get co-exist, so
long as specific ebike questions go in the more appropriate ebike
subforum. (hmmm....but then what of threads about lighting and
gps and recharging laptops.....should maybe go in e-gadgets forum?)
I agree 100%. As I mentioned, I have a C&V touring bike, when I had a question getting a 30 year old Suntour derailleur working with a 25 year old Helicomatic wheel, I put it in the C&V, not here. When I suspected it was gearing that was making it move not as fast as my other bikes, it went into General (I think). When I was looking for routes and racks, I asked here. As with anything, posters should use common sense, and if that fails, threads get moved all the time. There is nothing fundamentally different about an ebike frame that means the advice one would be asking about is any different than a regular bike, and it would certainly be ridiculous to ask for advice on a motorcycle forum.

Sorry if I'm too inclusive and accepting for everyone here. I've just never understood how anyone gets so worked up about things that do not affect them further than accidentally opening a thread about an ebike and not getting those couple seconds of their life back.

In any case, I know enough guys that tour on motorcycles to know they've already claimed bike touring/riding for themselves, and probably would argue we need to call it "pedal bike touring"
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