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Originally Posted by sweetspot View Post
Yes, I know but I still want to know what makes bike a comfortable one and how I can improve the compliance without loosing the fun ****or (power efficency, short chainstay etc).

I have one more question for you.

Is T47 bottom bracket a better choice in terms of power transfer and why there are none steel bikes with press fit bottom bracket (I found a couple of titanium bikes with press fit, but I don't know if this solution is prone to the same issues that with a carbon frame, mainly cracking, weird noises). What is your opinion about that?

Thank you!
Pressfit in a Ti/steel frame is all but pointless. PF was introduced to make carbon frames easier to fabricate and increase margin--as bonding a metal sleeve with threads on a CF frame was problematic BITD. And so the plague of creaky PF BBs was born and foisted on everyone. A PF BB on a metal frame is pointless--as you can easily chase/machine the BB for threads--we've done it for 50+ years, and just about all bike shops everywhere have the tools for facing/chasing as a result. Very few bike brands are/were fool enough to foist PF BBs onto their metal frames--Niner comes to mind.

T47 has been very slow to gain any market traction at all. BSA by and large worked, and most people use a Shimano Hollowtech 24mm spindle which easily has external bearings for BSA....T47 is like BB386EVO in that it allows you to have a 30mm spindle in a metal frame....BB386EVO actually lets you do 30mm spindle cranks within even a BSA shell. Trek actually IIRC is the first major bike brand to start selling T47 frames--no other major on-the-shop--floor bike brand does as of now AFAIK.
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