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Thanks @headwind15! Very insightful that you are comfortable on a 42cm. Curious what make/model you ride? Also, when you say different rises (referring to the stem) is that the same thing as what I'm calling the stem angle? Or does it have to do with a stem riser?

I've heard of BBS certainly and that's why I was originally comfortable going for the 46cm instead of the 50cm. I tend to err on the side of "smaller is better" as well, but I wasn't sure if a touring bike geometry changed that. (Ridden different road bikes for a handful of years but this is my first touring bike.)

The Surly LHT seems to have a long top tube relative to frame size. Which seems the exact opposite of what I need based on my longer inseam compared to my height. The reach on the 50cm LHT is only 3mm longer than on the 46cm. However, the stack is 30mm taller! So I wonder if that would be a much better fit?

I hear what you're saying. Main consensus I've gotten is to start by switching back to the stock 70mm stem and go from there. Basically, play around with that stem height/angle and this bike should fit me? One more thing I should mention in this realm is that the saddle is pushed backwards on the seat tube as much as possible and I still feel like I want it to go a little more. Not based on reach but more based on my sit bones/knee positioning. Maybe a longer stem/reach would help this as well.
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