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Originally Posted by Doug64 View Post
Seat fore and aft position should not be used to adjust reach; it should be used to adjust knee position to the pedal.
Your knee position looks OK in the photos, but if you are unsure try the method below:

Put your bike on a trainer or position it close to a wall or table, which will you to hold it vertical when sitting on the seat. With someone helping you position your seat height so your knee forms an angle of approximately 170 degrees. Sitting on your bike pedal backward a few revolutions, stop pedaling, and position your crank arms at the 6/9 o'clock position. Using a plumb bob, any small item on the end of a string, drop a line from the point just below your forward knee to your foot. The tip of the plumb bob should be over the center of the pedal's spindle. This is a good start for seat positioning. Check your reach after making those adjustments, and it should give you a good idea about where your reach would be.

I also believe that the steerer tube was cut to fit a shorter person than you. Forty mm is not much space. The nice thing about new LHTs is the forks' steerer tubes come uncut. This allows a lot of flexibility for bar height adjustment. Trying an adjustable stem and steerer extender is expensive. Adjustable stems are about $45 and the steerer extenders are $35. A new LHT fork costs $80, which is what you would probably want after trying the extender.

My wife took a look at your photos in the MBF, and had some thoughts. She is knowledgeable about bike fitting. Do your hips rock at all when you pedal? If they do, she suggested lowering your seat about 1/4" at a time until the hips are stable when pedalling. She also thought raising the stem is the best way to meet your needs. It will also shorten your reach a little. She thought a larger frame and short stem might work. Can you test ride a 50 mm LHT?

Looking at your pictures, I'd estimate the setback of your seatpost is about 15 mm. A 25 or 30 mm setback might help. It may also mess up your pedal/knee position.

My understanding is you wanted to raise the bars to be level with the saddle for a more upright riding position. Is that correct?
Thanks Doug64 . I'll try the plumb bob to check my seat fore and aft positioning. My knees feel pretty good when riding (minus distance from the bars, which we know is a reach and stem adjustment) but I find myself wanting to push backwards on the seat itself. According to the rails on the saddle, it is already pushed back the maximum amount. To achieve a greater seat post setback, I would need a new seat post, correct? One that angles backwards at the top?

Thanks to your wife as well for her insights and chasing down the MBF photos! I know my saddle perhaps looks high but my hips do not rock when I ride. I think this saddle height is the one thing I've figured out! But I'll make sure. Unfortunately, there are no Surlys to be found anywhere nearby that I can test! It does seem like the 50cm would fit with less adjustment. (I ran into this same issue before picking up the used bike and that's probably why this forum exists at all!) When she suggests "raising the stem" is that both lengthening the stem AND the stem angle? Or literally using a stem riser? Someone also recommended a BBB steerer extender to me. He said it's basically invisible when installed as you cover the extension with spacers, and can give you up to 80mm. I feel like this will look really strange, and basically like my bike has a giant long head tube? I'm not sure. I generally worry that if I'm adjusting the stem so much, it may just be worth buying a bike that fits me better.

You're correct, I want a slightly more upright riding position (seems so minimal but makes a difference) for longer tours. Or at least, I want to tops of my bars to allow for that upright position to start, and then I can adjust my hands to the hoods and drops as I ride of course. I don't want my most "relaxed" position on the tops of the bars to be too aggressive.

Finally, got your PM. It's strange as the forum allows me to see it via email but does not allow me to respond until I've posted 10 posts... Super kind of you to offer, but I can pick one up! Thanks very much though!
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