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Originally Posted by MLux View Post
Thanks djb . I can definitely swap out this stem for the original, but I just realized I'll also have to swap the handlebars back to the original (I want to do this anyways, the bar on there now feels too narrow) so it'll take me a bit longer. The original bar is not as wide as the new one and thus doesn't fit with the 50mm stem.

The stock stem angle is nowhere near as steep as the one on there now. (I wish I knew what the angles were exactly, but I don't) So, longer stem but find one that allows me to keep the same steep angle? Will this make me any more upright? I don't think you can get any more rise or much more of an angle than the stem I have now.
So, in my brain, increasing my reach at the same stem angle actually means I'll be in an even more aggressive position. Am I off base here?

I also had a few folks recommend gravel "riser" bars to give me a few more cms up front too... Like that idea over any sort of stem riser or BBB extender... open to more thoughts always!
sorry, hadn't seen this message when I wrote the last one.
bar width (42cm 44, whatever) has no bearing on what stem is used, so don't worry about that
oh, do you think the steerer tube was cut down on this bike? My troll has the bars at the top of the uncut steerer, with lots of spacers, so i was lucky it was uncut as i bought it used also. And there are loads of spacers under my bars, but i don't care

we'd have to see photos of the stem on your bike to get an idea of angle, but yes,you'd need another angled one, but a lot longer, to put bars both further out and up.
measure your short stem, measure from middle to middle of clamp areas.
so you might need a same or steeper angle, but a lot longer, look at your bars and stem from side to visualize a different one, of where you think you want the bars to be, in both height and reach.

and yes, if needed,bars like on the new disc trucker could add a few vertical cms, but you'll have to figure that out.
I put slightly flaredout bars on my troll, salsa cowbells. These are very common now, these type of bars, and I personally like them a lot, especially with front panniers and a handlebar bag of weight on the front of bike for more steering leverage. I've toured a lot on rough roads in Latin America and these bars were great for this aspect, along with the shown bar/seat height for comfort and headwinds.
but of course, every rider flexibility etc is different, at whatever age too.
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