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Mlux, finally saw the photos, and it does look like you are cramped, which does match up with what you described.
in the shot where we can see the stem, yup it's a real angled one, and pretty short.
Seems logical to me that a much longer stem, but maybe even as angled as this one, will put the bars higher, and a certain amount further forward, hopefully opening up the cramped feeling you described.

like the fellow here said who ran a bike store for years, any good shop will have tons of stems, and you'll quickly be able to feel an immediate difference with different stem tryouts and assess if you can get the bars up and forward a bit.

I'd just mention again that a slightly more relaxed, ie higher bar height, is really nice for touring, but sometimes you just gotta live with a setup and ride for a bunch of days to feel what will work best for you. Generally touring we aren't hammering like on a hard ride, so having the bar to seat drop less than a road bike, is nice. I prefer my troll bars like they are in the photo, also nice when riding over a lot of crappy bumpy roads.

and hey, worst case scenario, you should be able to easily resell the LHT if it doesn't work out. Not many good used touring bikes on the market in this area, so they sell well.
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