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Originally Posted by Baby Puke View Post
Not really, I'm still experimenting myself to be honest. This year I'm on 52/13 which may not be huge compared to what some of you are using, but before last season my PB (from nearly 10 years ago) was on 49/14, so that's a significant change. I'd say just keep going up until you go slower? The tipping point seems to be, 'when do I start my jump?' If your gear is so big that you have to start jumping uphill into T1 that's gonna start getting pretty hard, so I'd imagine track length/design will play into this. On a 250 or a 400 (my local track) you may have more room to move your jump point back before needing to accelerate uphill. Experimentation and practice seem to be key; maybe of relatively more importance than being at peak condition? (of course the confluence of both being ideal).

Also, I find standing with a tiny bit of effort on the last downhill (T4->T1 on 333 or 400) before the jump helps me gain/hold speed better with a minimum of effort, but I rarely see others doing this.

Please share what you find!
I've settled on the same gear-inches, 108. I tried 116 a few weeks, ago and it was daunting how much of a difference in effort was required---I'm way underpowered for that setup, lol! I don't have much time to train, so it's hard for me to imagine being able to spin up the 116. It was incredible how much I could feel pressure just about everywhere while trying to turn that gearing---gave me a whole new level of respect for how strong some guys are. I knew it before, but now I felt how strong they must be.

I do slight off-the-saddle push out of T2 to take advantage of the downhill and start to increase speed, then the same thing like you said at T4 > T1. Also, I've been playing with a slightly lower line through T1 to avoid the slow-down in the uphill at T1 (this is on a 333 track). I know this is counter to what everybody does, and what I've been told, but when I enter T1 lower than the top line, I'm carrying more speed and it feels easier to me. I guess that's just another sign that I'm undertrained and need more strength!
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