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New Olympic Triathlon event

I just read in the current issue of USATriathlon magazine that thereís going to be a new triathlon medal event in the upcoming summer games. Itís a mixed relay. But, itís not a relay like you may have seen at your local tri...with a 3-person team, a different person doing each discipline/sport. This event will consist of 4-person teams...two men, two women. Each competitor will complete the course of 300m swim, 8km bike, 2km run in succession. Thatís going take each competitor just +/- 22 minutes to complete, about 90 minutes for the team to finish. But, with a very short 8k (4.97 mile) bike...Iím wondering what the bikes theyíll be using are like...specifically the gearing, and other components. The article in the magazine didnít say anything about that. And I canít find anything online. With it being such a short course in general...will they spend time in transition changing shoes, or will the bikes have pedal cages and theyíll ride in their running shoes? I did find a map and elevation chart of the course. The bike is two laps on a 3.7k with few turns, and almost no elevation change. So, Iím wondering if, to save weight, they might use single-speed bikes. Anyone seen any info on that? Iím curious as to what the bikes theyíll use look like.

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