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Originally Posted by seedsbelize View Post
I have never found a better rim brake than single pivot 105. I've not yet tried DA, but I can't imagine how they could be better.
I have them on my main rider.
The very first road bike I bought when I started riding again back in the 90s, the Cannondale, had the first generation dual pivot brakes, and until I got the Circuit, every other bike also had dual pivots. The brakes on the Circuit work, but they take more force to stop and they're more finicky about set up - which is probably more my lack of skill as a wrench than the brakes themselves, but the dual pivots are dead simple to set up.

The brakes on Mrs. Peel are driving me batty. Second generation Dura Ace from 1980. I finally have them centered correctly, but the fronts just don't grab. I've sanded the pads at least 3 times now, adjusted the pad alignment with the rim, got rid of the excessive toe-in on one pad, but they still suck. I'm hoping that the new Kool-Stop shoes and pads cure the problem because if not this bike will be relegated to flat rides.
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