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Originally Posted by JoeyBike View Post
I do believe that human activity is changing the climate, and almost every other natural resource for the worst. But until that darling little girl starts telling her generation to cut back on having children - like TWO MAX - i can't hear a word she says. ZPG (Zero Population Growth) became a political land mine a few decades ago but unless we are talking about ZPG, we are just talking s**t. Cutting our emissions in half and doubling the population is just wheels spinning in the sand. Total nonsense.

FYI...I never was a part of Greta's religion. It was all about the money. I structured my life so that I didn't need a car so that A. I never had to work very hard or B. I could work hard for a short time during Winter months when the days are short and weather bad, and take off on a bike tour for the rest of the year. I am pragmatic. I actually LOVE cars and owning one. I just didn't want the aggravation or expense for 30+ years. Now I have a job with all the benefits - which is a ball and chain so to speak - but at 63yo I had a great run! Now I use the car to go bike in the country and relax. It's worth it at this moment. I am VERY adaptable. And I used to rent plenty of cars but the prices are crazy now.

Right now, I want a car. Greta can go **** herself. Cheers.
Wow, what an ugly & ignorant post.
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