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Big earth

Originally Posted by 350htrr View Post
Maybe it's more like, the earth isn't going to return, to the state it was before the industrial revolution... If people don't embrace a less damaging lifestyle to the earth... You know, we all need to live on an earth that is supporting us, it's going to be a horrendous existence for our children and an almost impossible existence for their children the way things are going... IMO
If you talk to some people they feel that the earth is just so vast. I was speaking to one person about the damage we do to the earth and his response was one of quote:" Have you ever traveled much. In between cities there is just so much nature you can drive for hundreds of miles and see "untouched " nature ."
So I guess in some peoples minds the earth is so vast that we don't have much of an effect on it... !!! Meanwhile I worried about that BP Gulf spill off our coast that they were not able to control for how long and it just kept spilling crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico!! I tend to agree with Greta Thurnberg, but most took her as a teenager who is overreacting and has mental health issues. Others even make jokes about her...
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