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Originally Posted by rossiny View Post
If you talk to some people they feel that the earth is just so vast. I was speaking to one person about the damage we do to the earth and his response was one of quote:" Have you ever traveled much. In between cities there is just so much nature you can drive for hundreds of miles and see "untouched " nature ."
So I guess in some peoples minds the earth is so vast that we don't have much of an effect on it... !!! Meanwhile I worried about that BP Gulf spill off our coast that they were not able to control for how long and it just kept spilling crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico!! I tend to agree with Greta Thurnberg, but most took her as a teenager who is overreacting and has mental health issues. Others even make jokes about her...
Kid has an opinion (based on science) and gets criticized on bicycling forums by people who disagree with the information and passion she has. She might be their savior. I just think its poor taste to express oneself that way, as it just brings more pressure on her. Jeez, if you don't agree with her don't say for her to go...herself, etc, start your own thread and state your piece. (Not you rossiny, as I was a just responding to some of the previous comments through your thread).

To the OP, you made it a long way going car free. That's pretty remarkable. Times change and sometimes its good to go with them. Keep your options open, as you might be going car free, or car light in the future. Or not )
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