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Originally Posted by cj3209 View Post
OK, back to being car-free.

So, after getting back into cycling when COVID started changing our lives back in March 2020, I started to cycle every week and also picked up running as well. Now, over a year later, I lost some weight and feel so much better than before. And since I'm close to my office, I've decided to bike to work every day. I've test-ridden the route and it's 16-miles round trip (one-hour total riding time). And since I live in a desert (it rains very infrequently), I can do this just about every day of the year. Of course, my office hasn't opened up yet; I'm scheduled to go back in early Sept., but I'm looking forward to this.

I tell you, if we had bike valets for my gym and grocery stores, I would pay for that and use my bike more. Locking my bike up on a rack doesn't work in LA - too many bike thefts...

The opposite of what happened to most people. They gained weight.

This is the first summer in 12 years I have only road maybe three times? I road every day previously. But I hated it! Hate this time of year!

Glad to hear it worked out.
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