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Originally Posted by Leisesturm View Post
The reason why this forum is (your words) a ghost town is because there aren't that many LCF interested in posting about it. It's so shameful to be LCF, why ever would you want to talk about it with strangers? But, way to go, defend your situation by bringing The MOON into the argument. There is no need to be defensive. I am only making the point that most, and maybe all, of the common arguments for why people must have cars at the ready, even if they do not use them much, are false. No one NEEDS a car. It only seems that way. When one absolutely cannot have a car, the truth of that becomes more obvious.
I love riding my bike but it's hard to pull my fishing boat with it, so yes, I NEED a car/truck. Not sure who you are to judge others and dictate what our life should be. I come to this thread to read about other people's journey in a lifestyle that I find interesting but not practical for my lifestyle. It's really irritating when someone comes along and tries to tell me(and others) what I/we need. You're acting like the government, neither of which know what I need. Carry on...
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