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RStewart is 100% correct and he's one of the best rock n roll frontman and singer to ever grace the planet if he is the "one" that cycles across the neighbourhood, and parks his bicycle under the stairs.........seen him many times and he always put on one helluva concert, no matter whether his current material at that time did not meet Rod's best. There is a relatively recent video of R. Stewart riding in Miami, which is impressive in that he's riding after recent knee replacement but he's always stayed athletically fit, to allow him to do what he does so well for so long, and to get all the beautiful women.

I'll say this: Life is too damn short to not live it..........Why Limit Yourself? ......It is just plain stupid in my opinion. Time is the most precious commodity that we have. Obviously, you need some amount of money & income to allow you to do the things that you would like to do.
Cycling to work might be great, but this LIMITS YOU in how far you reside from your workplace. It also LIMITS YOU significantly in the type of professional career that you might choose. Hey, you know it is cool to watch an old re-run of an episode of BONANZA every now and then, but I don't want to ride in town on horseback, or on a horse & buggy, or travel by stagecoach, like Hoss and Little Joe typically do. Varied weather conditions in both daylight and darkness are not the best situation for bicycle or motorcycle travel. You guys are absolutely bonkers if you don't want to travel by automobile or airplane because of the "carbon footprint" and further damaging the planet. Sure, be a quality person, and treat your neighbours as you'd like to be treated, and respect everyone's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Remember though that society has moved from living in a cave and simply eating and getting warmth from the open camp fire. The wheel was invented at some point in time and there have been plenty of technological improvements that have vastly benefitted society. Just because of your narrow minded vision of how things need to be with folks living in some bizzare utopia with only bicycles as the method of transportation, does not mean that it is anywhere close to realistic or even remotely practical. Perhaps, your reality has been too clouded by your intake, and I would recommend laying off the bong, the mushrooms, and other low-grade pharmaceuticals that were not directly prescribed for you by a legitimate medical doctor.
I don't understand why some of yall view the automobile as some evil monster. Yall are frikken nuts. I recall the 5th Dimension, a great group, that had a number of great hits, one of which was "GO WHERE YOU WANNA GO". They also had a smash hit with UP UP & AWAY, but I'm not so sold on traveling by hot air balloon or bicycles, as I think Go Where You Wanna Go really sums up the absolute need for an automobile. Do you need something that gets 16 mpg, probably not, unless you're needing to tow a horse trailer or something similar or you're needing a very large 4wd SUV for the space & rugged area where your mountain house may be located. FREEDOM , is why anyone can buy a tour bus, or large Winnebago --OR--- one of those dumbass tiny "SmartCars" that is about the size of a Club Car or EZ-GO golf cart. The SmartCar is the most ridiculous vehicle as vehicles like a Toyota Yaris or a Honda Fit are at least as economical, and don't pollute any more than the SmartCar, and can go anywhere at any legal speed limit and even 15 to 20mph beyond such posted speed limits. TEXAS interstates have 85 MPH speed limits in rural areas..........theSmartCar does not seem safe in windy conditions of 10mph or greater, and it does not seem safe at a speed above 60 MPH.........Yes, you can argue that people ride motorcycles at 90 MPH on the INTERSTATE but in my opinion those folks are bat $h!t crazy because though life on two wheels is thrilling, but road debris, pavement imperfections, potholes, and weather conditions make motorcycle travel extremely dangerous. Folks do have the freedom to choose their means of transportation. In the State of South Carolina, the wearing of a motorcycle helmet is not required, as the born to be wild folks successfully had that helmet law repealled about thirty years ago. I guess they figured that if your body hits the pavement at a speed of 45 mph or greater, that your chance of survival is well below 2%, and as argued by the born to be wild, no helmet folks that without a helmet, they have better hearing, and situational awareness which is probably a load of bull because police helmets don't obstruct the ears and hearing isn't impacted. Hey, it is their freedom of choice and you can correctly argue that most motorcyclists do ride with greater attention and care than automobile & truck drivers, because it could be a life or death, instantly lights out dead, or fatally injured to live only a few more minutes or perhaps hours if they make any mistakes while heading down the highway looking for adventure in whatever comes their way.
Basically, unless you live very close to everything within the heart of the city, like NYC where one can take the subway or walk, you probably need a car. Having an automobile in NYC is costly and not practical for most because you essentially have to lease a parking space to store said automobile. You cannot spend all of your time seeking a public parking space, and then constantly moving said car to another public parking space, repeatedly 'round the clock, competing with thousands of other folks seeking the same public parking spaces. As you do realize, the public spaces will limit you to probably six hours or less, so you'd be up 24 hours a day just trying to play musical chairs moving your car from public space to public space. This cannot be successfully done! If you wish to own a vehicle in NYC, you will have to spend a substantial amount of dough to lease a space in a parking garage. This does not make practical sense and isn't cost effective for someone who does not have a very high annual income. Still, who is to say, if you have the bucks to do it and you wanna keep a 63 POS Ford Truck or a 2021 Rolls-Royce in your leased space, you can do that, or you can lease spaces for both. When they're super rich, they refer to them as eccentric instead of just idiotic but that freedom to choose applies to everyone. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness..... You are not guaranteed to become wealthy and rich. Education, hard work and luck might help you achieve a better situation in life. Nobody is going back to the cave and living off the land with no modern amenities and no motor vehicles, so this bizarre utopian all bicycle society that some of you idiots seem to hope for isn't gonna happen. Lay off of the ganga, as the THC is clouding your judgement and the mushrooms have you in a severely distorted reality.
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