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Mongo make Taras laugh.

I got some Deja Vu about this.

Originally Posted by Baby Puke View Post
Thanks for the 4-spoke info, Taras. I know they are burly, and I have the special tandem/sprinter/fat guy version, but does anybody know if they're considered fast? I got mine for a reasonable price, and I can't afford anything else, I'm just curious. And that extra molding flash that you mentioned-- has anyone removed this? Is it safe to do so? Seems like that alone would considerably clean up the aerodynamics of the wheel.
Originally Posted by taras0000 View Post
The Corima 4 spoke is a fast wheel. I've never ridden 808's, 1080's or Io's so I can't compare to them. They are a quick wheel that spins up fast because of the shallower rim depth. As far as the mold flashing being structural, I couldn't tell you for sure. It's not something that I would file off, as the carbon fibers on the seemed to make it's way into the flash to some degree. This could be an optical illusion due to clear coat over the carbon distorting how it looks. I've never taken a file to it, and wouldn't recommend it. If it has any effect on aerodynamics, I thing that it would be negligible. The french national sprint team used to win races all the time with these wheels so they definitely are performers.
Maybe Mongo leave mold flashing?

But yeah, I wouldn't touch it. If you have very good lighting, you may be able to make out the outer layer of clearcoat and "MAYBE" knock off a little of the edge of the mold flash, but I recall the flash being substantial enough that I wouldn't want to try to fully remove it.

After finding this photo of the hand finishing process that these wheels go through, I would think they would take off what they could at the factory, and leave what is necessary/safe

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