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Originally Posted by taras0000 View Post
I'm currently looking at picking one up right now. Wife asked me what I want for Christmas and I told her a sewing machine. She laughed and then found out that I want to make a bunch of camping gear for the two of us for a few upcoming backpacking trips this year. Seeing as one of those trips is her and a couple of friends going on a 4 day mountain hike that we had done a few years ago, she immediately put in some requests that would get their pack weights down.

I got a Singer 4423 Heavy Duty from Amazon for under $150. I went to a local fabric store and got a lot of basic tools, some nice shears, and some fabric with which to practice.

I bought mine because I have a lot of cycling related ideas, projects, and repairs that involves sewing. Being a fat boy, I pop a lot of seams here and there. I've taken kits and skinsuits to seamstresses for alterations or repairs in the past. Basic stuff that I can do myself. Also, my track sack needs some work done to it. I want to modify it to get rid of the features I don't use and add new ones that I will.

Sewing was a mystery to me, then I realized how much I helped my grandmother when she would sew and realized that the basics aren't that hard and I should simply sit down to learn.

So, between 3D printing, sewing, and training, I have enough hobbies to keep me busy for a loooong time.
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