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well, i think i have a lot more stuff than you but i am moving more in that direction and i like not having TOO much stuff as it is a real pain.

i got out of college and moved to another city with all of my possessions in the back of my pickup truck and i thought that was cool. then in the first few years of working i bought all kinds of stuff: leather couch, big TV, etc... and when i moved from Texas to Portland i had to rent a huge truck!!

then for my next move from Portland to Boston i got rid of about half of my stuff and had the rest shipped... (gave my kayak and my motorcycle to friends - the kayak i sometimes miss but not for the hassel it would have been to keep it)

then i moved to Germany and i got rid of another half of my stuff and put another 2/3 of that in storage and only took a small amount. i had a small apartment and actually did quite fine with "less stuff". then after 2 years of paying storage i finally cleared out my storage stuff in the US giving half of the stuff away to friends and shipping some to Germany.

i do have a lot of stuff: 5 bikes, 2 snowboards, skiis, snowshoes, bike repair tools and parts, massive amounts of outdoor camping, climbing and snow gear, books, etc. but the main difference now is that 1) i have not bought any significant furniture in a while and 2) i REALLY think before i buy something -- and i really like this much better!

on the other hand i don't think i will ever again be able to fit all my stuff in the back of a pickup truck - much less transport it all with my BOB Trailer or XtraCycle (yeah, 2 other things i own)
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