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If I toss all of my school stuff, which I can do after june (yea.) I can fit my life in 7 boxes, not including my bikes, and 2 pieces of furnitune. I agree having a small amount of stuff is great since its just less things to manage. I have been forced into a simple lifestyle since I am a college and time and money is money, which I am short of :{, and I do not want to have things that will waste my time or money with me or on me. Since I hate buying new stuff, I try to make sure my stuff last, so I maintain all stuff tha I have thus the more stuff I have the more stuff I have to maintain. I did not really realize the time needed for this maintenence, until i got my first bike last June. It is just amazing to consider the amount of time that you can put into it, but it is also a great feeling to ride a finely tuned bike versus one that have seen a wrench in a while, but anyway I have left my point. I really like living simply, and I am a big propenent of living within your means, whch including more then money, but also time. If you do not do it weekly or monthly, then its probably something that is not worth your time and money. (Oh course, there are exception like skiing since its seasonly, but if you do not ski each season, then the rules are still the same.) Just saying. Anyway, I am not sure if the bike force me to live simpole. I mean if I had a car. The onyl extra thing I would have is an insurance additon (I already have renters insurance) and gas payments, so I say its the person, not the bike that makes life simple.
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