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I live in a one-room apartment. I don't drink, smoke, and I'm vegan. I'm a hoarder by nature, but I've tried to fight agianst that as much as I can.

I own very few clothes or books (when I moved at the beginning of last summer, I gave away most of both of these). I use the library a lot, and I rarely (if ever) change my clothes. I've actually been wearing these pants since nov 04, and the same t-shirt since september 05. I DO own an assload of cd's and a fair sized stereo. I don't have the internet at home (I use it at work) and I don't own a tv, either. I do also own a bunch of trashpicked bike parts (mostly wheels) that I hang on to in the hopes that someone can use them down the line.

what blows away most people who see how I live is the fact that I own neither a couch or a bed. I sleep on my floor in my old sleepingbag. most people think I live pretty simplistic, but ever day I look for ways to live even more simple.
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