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Originally Posted by matt_savvy
what blows away most people who see how I live is the fact that I own neither a couch or a bed.

I'm the same. No couch. No bed. No TV. I do have two very nice sitting chairs though, one of which is a definite reading lounger and the other which is a wooden antique.

As for a bed, I prefer to sleep on the floor with my Thermarest and a couple of comfy blankets because my back likes a very firm underlying surface. My time spent in tents put this oddball thing into me. I'm going to be getting a kakebuton and a Japanese futon (shikibuton) soon though, because I've grown fond of them. (It's not what we think of as a futon in the US - which is a sort of hybrid couch/bed. A Japanese futon is a thin wool-filled cotton mattress that trifolds and stows in a closet or large cupboard, with a big, heavy, warm quilted comforter that does the same.)

Unlike most here though, my book collection is silly big and needs to be reduced, but I can't bring myself to. I've even used the shelves in my bathroom to house some of it.

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