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I'm losing my edge

Confession: I hardly ever ride my C&V bikes anymore.

For years, I rode a mixture of '60s-'80s bikes for transportation and occasional fun. This forum helped me fix and upgrade many of them.

And then I had a kid.

Now, it's strictly modern: 2018 Douze F1 cargo bike to carry the kid; 2016 Priority Continuum city bike when I'm commuting without the kid, because the slanted-top-tube aluminum frame and easy-to-adjust seatpost make it good for switching with my (considerably shorter) wife when she's doing the daycare pickup after I've dropped the kid off, or vice versa. Both bikes have Gates carbon belt drives and Enviolo/NuVinci hubs. They're completely reliable and practical, which I need as a parent. I don't really have time to ride for fun.

But it just feels wrong. The kids are coming up from behind. But I was there!

Somebody please tell me that it gets better?
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