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Disappointed with WarmShowers and CouchSurfing

Don't know if I have ever stayed with WS or CS hosts.
But I have hosted quite a few people at my home over the past few years.

What disappoints me is how unthinking some of my guests have been.
I state online and in our emails/texts that I go to bed early and get up early.
I don't expect folks to get up at 5 a.m., but sleeping in to 9 or 10 is simply rude.

Because, basically, there is a stranger or strangers in my house.
And I cannot go about my normal business until they get up.
And really, I shouldn't even have to list do's and don't's.
Like smoking.

I have been welcomed into people's homes on my many bike trips.
I have been treated well - but I always ask.
What time would you like me to arrive?
What time do you get up?

It really takes the fun out of hosting -
When you start to feel like motel help.
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