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That is rude. I feel uncomfortable enough staying with strangers. Putting my needs/wants before those of my hosts would be unthinkable for me.

When I did ACA's group Northern Tier tour 20 years ago there was a couple in Sandpoint, ID, that would offer to host the tour every year. We were supposed to camp in the yard. Apparently, as I learned later, our leader pressured the couple to let us flop inside due to cold and wet conditions. It was a really tight fit. Come Monday their daughter had to step over people when she came downstairs to get ready to go to school. Some other issues arose during our two-day stay there, including us showing up a day earlier than our leader said we would. Yadda, yadda, yadda...The couple refused to host the tour again. How do I know? I was out that way at the same time the following year and crossed paths with the ACA group tour. Asked a participant if they were staying with the couple. He told me that because of some problems that happened the previous year the couple said no more.
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