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Originally Posted by jamawani View Post
What disappoints me is how unthinking some of my guests have been.
I state online and in our emails/texts that I go to bed early and get up early.
I don't expect folks to get up at 5 a.m., but sleeping in to 9 or 10 is simply rude.
I am an early riser too and I haven't had a problem with that. Do you discuss specifically what time you need them up and out in advance?

When in Maryland we had a few folks who were pretty good about staying one night, rising early when required, and so on. They were obviously on a long tour. Here in Tallahassee, I got the idea a few folks were just bouncing around town staying multiple days and moving on to the next host. I set our status to away and stopped hosting.

I never used these services much as a guest. I dislike planning ahead more than I have to. I prefer to decide where to stay when I arrive and most hosts prefer a bit of notice, so I have only used them very rarely, like when I know I will be somewhere or need someone to receive or hold a box for me or something.
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