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I probably had a few sips here or there, and I certainly knew what it smelled like (which is about what it tastes like). But I was a good boy. On my 21st birthday I went into a bar (& grill I guess), sat at the bar, ordered a burger & fries and a beer. I soldiered through it.

In my senior year, my friends shared Rolling Rock with me, but I was not a partyer so never a lot, like never more than 2 in an evening, never more than once a week.

Teaching internship summer after college, one of the other teachers showed up with a trunk full of Yuengling. He said he always stocks up at the beginning of the summer session when he rolls into town (PA), because Yuengling is 'cheaper than water'.

I don't even really remember the path, but eventually I figured out ALL LAGER IS DISGUSTING. Ale is where it's at. It was probably living in England for 2 years actually.

Now I try to keep costs low (~50c/bottle) by homebrewing northernbrewer extract kits bought on sale.
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