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Originally Posted by skookum View Post
Tests don't cost $3000, people are not charged for them , but the lack of tests is a huge disaster in the US, caused by bureaucratic ineptitude at the CDC and the FDA and a glaring lack of political leadership. Testing has been opened up now and a bunch of places are doing them, still not enough but it should get better. I saw today where somebody has started an at home test where you collect your own swab and mail it in. It will cost $135, I think. If I can find the link I will post it. https://reason.com/2020/03/23/fda-sh...id-19-testing/
Greta. How reliable is that? I know people (not "i ahve read about people onl;ine---I have talked to Real People---who know that tests cost $3500 because they were sick and went to get tested, couldn't afford it, and were not covered by insurance ... and opted not to pay many weeks salary for the two tests (the people were told they might need a follow-up test.)

Yeah, one town in Colorado has drive-through testing---for people who have the time to drive to Colorado. And how good is the online test?

Hopefully, very accurate. And hopefully free tests or at least affordable tests will be widely available very soon. please list all the places you can go to get free tests.

Not looking for a fight ... but I posted this shortly after a conversation with a lady who has symptoms and could not afford the test, which was also not covered by her insurance .... and since she is someone I know, i give her word a lot of weight ... and since she is coping with a potentially fatal infection, i figure she isn't joking. Who knows?
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