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Originally Posted by kayakindude View Post
Videos of the issue

Any advice appreciated. We are about $800 into service and parts replacement trying to eliminate this unenjoyable noise.

It starts around mile 4 and gets progressively worse as the miles add up. Before the bike shop, pedals and seat tubes regreased. Bike shop replaced both bottom brackets, the essentric the chains, and just replaced the rear crankset. They cleaned the headset. They thought maybe the PAS disc was rubbing on the bottom bracket, I removed and the noise continues.

It's when I'm pedaling in front. If she comes off the pedals the sound goes away. I've also swapped out the pedals with another bike with no joy.
I feel your pain.

That sounds like rubbing more than creaking. I donít have any great advice, but some places I finally found loud noises after spending lots of time not finding them:

1) Terry Butterfly saddle rails. Apparently, thatís a part that can fail and itís really loud right before it fails. The noise went away when the stoker stopped pedaling as she was no longer stressing the part.

2) Tamer suspension seat post: They get loud when they need oiling and even louder when the pivot holes get enlarged.

3) Spinergy rear wheel: Spinergy makes some high maintenance wheels. First the spokes all loosened up which made a grinding sound and later the hub developed a loud freak. Usually after a few miles of riding in warm weather. Turns out the hub needs to be disassembled periodically and oiled. Thatís a nice fairer.
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