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Originally Posted by abshipp View Post
A big reason I feel so frustrated is that we end up on a lot of roads that have enough car traffic where behaving badly in a group just makes drivers upset.

Also just a general lack of common sense - like running bright flashing lights that dazzle the rider behind you.

A pre-ride brief would help, but I'm not the ride leader (and don't ever want to be).
A few years ago they started with the pre-ride announcements about safety and behavior around cars. It helps some with some people, I guess, but there are still those who piss off drivers and even flip them off, etc. Those guys should be asked to stay away.

The other club I ride with sometimes has none of that. They also don't have hammerheads who blow up the rides. I like riding with them but their Saturday rides are short and I really don't know any of them very well. I should just go there more often.

Actually, the ride I did today was just what I was looking for, except for the guy falling. My friends in the A group did a century, so nope.
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