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Originally Posted by datlas View Post
I am confident I could break 5 hours with a group and a reasonably flat course. Doing so solo would require a tailwind or a fancy TT bike.
Originally Posted by Bah Humbug View Post
Same. On a mythical windless, no-traffic, 70į overcast day with someone handing up bottles and smooth tarmac I could probably do it. With lights, traffic, hills, heat, and chipseal thereís just too much to overcome, especially the times at zero and to go home and grab new bottles. Iíve wished there were a day at COTA we would have time to try, but that hill would probably sap the legs before finishing 29 laps even so. Iíve though about trying it at the Veloway, but thatís twisty enough that again, the accelerations (and one hill) would likely catch up before the end of 34 laps.

I may still try though, driving out with a car full of bottles to not need to spend any time in traffic and much faster refill.
I've got some land that's flat enough and open enough, but the problem is the stops and starts in getting there and back - it becomes a choice of repeated drag race accelerations to maintain the pace, which would certainly catch up with me later, or trying to make up that lost time when I'm finally clear, which is no small task, either.

On a cool day with light wind, though, I think that I could drive out to a suitable start point and only need to stop once to refill bottles. It certainly wouldn't be easy, but I think that it's within the realm of possibility. Maybe I should start with a mixed measures metric first, though - 100km at 20mph
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