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Originally Posted by datlas View Post
One interesting snafu happened on yesterday’s ride. One of my friends, who is a good triathlete, started to suffer about 3 hours into the ride. He asked to stop to adjust his saddle height.

Long story short, his saddle was way too high and causing all kinds of knee problems. He said his bike had been in the LBS for servicing and he said the guy who works on his bike is taller than him and must have done a test ride and jacked up the seat.

I did not want to badmouth his shop, but if someone ****s with something like that, they should at least have the courtesy to mark the owner’s positions and return it with the owner’s fit.
I don't usually change saddle height, if I'm test riding a repair bike. We have enough height variation among our staff to cover most possibilities. We do sometimes need to raise the seat to get enough post to clamp in the workstand. I always mark a post, before moving it. Occasionally, a mechanic forgets to reset a post.
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If this thread doesn't go 10 pages I'm quitting BF.
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