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I feel for the people who spent $5,000 or so for the overpriced CHPT3. The value of that bike will drop as soon as the full Titanium is released. It always seemed like a bad purchase for me. I really don't believe that the price was justified when a regular Titanium was almost half the price. As for the ride I can't really say that the Titanium model is better than the steel. I own both and other than the weight I like the ride of the steel better. The steel absorbs shock on the rougher roads better and the additional weight makes it more stable. These bikes are jumpy to begin with so if carrying is not a big factor in your purchase I say go with the steel. I think most Brompton owners would purchase a new Brompton if they gave people a better variety of tire sizes. I just changed out my 305mm tires on another ride from 35mm tires to 57mm and now can ride off road. The world of bicycle tires is going bigger by the day as it only adds to the quality of the riding experience.
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